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Quotes I highly recommend this Company they were very professional. We want thank the Owner Laz for the recommendation that changed the whole look of my front entrance. The men were great they were on time everyday they worked hard and did a fantastic Job. Everyone that has been coming to my house are very impressed with the installation. To top it off the men left my floors so clean the floors were shinning !!!!GREAT JOB!!!! Quotes
Elaine Pietrzak
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Thank You for the beautiful tile work on my townhome. You delivered what you promised and more. Very Professional. I recommend you a 110%. Quotes
Madalyn Rainberry Bay
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes We are blessed to have had Laz Tile and Marble into our home. We wish you, your family, and your company all the best. We hope your prosper to greatness. You deserve it. Much appreciation and our utmost respect, Darleen & Bob Croteau Quotes
Darleen & Bob Croteau
Part 6 of testimonial

Quotes The did it quickly, with perfection, clean, and friendly. Laz saved our home. Little does Laz know that after our devistated news with Reliance Home Renovations, all we could do was pray for an angel. Pray that someone would come along and make everything ok. What made us call Laz that day, we don't know. But we thank God that we did. We spent the next week moving into our what looks like a brand new home! We are so excited and proud of our home. Sure, we still want Reliance Home Renovations to take responsibility for their actions, and we will do all we can to make sure they don't hurt another hard working couple. But, we can't let hatred, and bitterness take over. We have Laz. That's all we needed to make our home beautiful. His work is impeccable. If you ever want to see our home, please let Laz know. We are proud to show it off. Thank you Laz Tile and saved our home, you restored our smiles, our faith, and our trust in a stranger willing to help. Quotes
Darleen & Bob Croteau
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Quotes Laz was also devistated by what he saw. He stated this man has never tiled before. Everything was wrong. He stated the entire flooring in our 1969 sq. ft. home would have to be once again removed. I actually cried in Laz's arms. How could this happen to us. I've never seen my husband so upset. It was devistating. We only have $3,000.00 left. What were we going to do? I called another company to give us bid, and they said the same thing...all has to be removed and start over. Laz stated he would work with us money wise, and he'll get this done. We put all our hopes and faith into Laz. We had nothing or no one left to trust. Within one week, our home is BEAUTIFUL! The tile is awesome! We searched every square inch and cannot find one thing that is not cut perfectly! By the slidding glass doors, the toilets, the entrance way...perfect! We can't thank Laz Neto and his men enough for the immaculate job. Quotes
Darleen & Robert Croteau
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Quotes Reliance Home Renovations stated that he knew he was in trouble when he tried to install the tile. We paid him and extra $500.00 to have the floors leveled. Which apparently, he never did, or did poorly. I gave him the option of removing the tile and redoing it at his expense or walk away and refund our monies so that we can hire a company that knows how to tile. He stated he would refund our monies. To date, and with a letter of demand from an Attorney, we have not heard from Reliance Home Renovations. Our dreams and bank account were shattered. We did not have the funds to redo this disaster. We could not move into our home in this condition because the furniture would not even sit right. We went home and cried and prayed. We were losing hope and faith. The next day I had the urge to call Laz Tile and Marble. Mind you, I've only met him once because he was 1 of the 6 that I received a bid from at the beginning of our project. Laz came to our home immediately. Quotes
Darleen & Robert Croteau
Part 3 of Testimonial

Quotes We noticed Reliance Home Renovations was installing our beautiful $2,600. tiles uneven. This was mentioned to them numerous times. We were told it would be fixed. After 2 1/2 weeks were were told the house was ready. To our horror, the entire house was unleveled. You actually felt like you were walking uphill going into my dining room. The tiles were chipped, cracked, uneven. We paid an extra $1,800 for 5 1/4" baseboards to be installed. Some of the baseboards were not installed. The house was a disaster. Quotes
Darleen & Robert Croteau
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Quotes Our story is long, but well worth reading. This message may continue into another message, since we are limited to space! We were victims of a contractor's scam. You know, the ones you read about or hear about and wonder how people fall for these scams. Laz Tile & Marble saved us after we were devistated from this scam. It all started with a water leak in kitchen.We had wooden floors and the insurance company paid us to replace the wooden floors. We decided to go all 20 x 20 tile throught our entire house. Something we always wanted to do since buying our home in 1993. But with 3 children something always came up. And with the economy the way it is, we, like many live hand to mouth. We interviewed 6 contractors. Many recommended by friends. Laz was one company we interviewed. All the prices were approxiately the same. We decided to take the bid from Reliance Home Renovations, located here in Boca Raton. Quotes
Darleen & Robert Croteau
Laz Tile & Marble saved our home

Quotes We had a family friend we were planning on using to install porcelain tile in our home. We went tile shopping and found a great place ITM Importers. We were so sold on their product, we decided to trust them to install the floors. We purchased a 24x24 rectified porcelain tile. Our floor looks AMAZING.. Everyone that has come in our home mistakes our floor for Travertine Marble Floors. The grout line matches on every corner, they placed the tile to lay a nice pattern on the floor. We were very impressed. We just recently decided to finish our house and re-do our Master Bath. We purchased the same tile, and had them come back to our house 4 years later. The same employees who did our house the first time, were the ones who just did the work in our bathroom. They are very reliable, friendly, clean, cater to their customers and do pristine work. I am very happy we met Laz and had the opportunity to work with him. He delivered what he promised, which is rare now a days! Quotes
Tia and David
By far the best out there

Quotes To Whom It May Concern: After much discussion and searching for the best installer, we selected Laz Tile & Marble because of his high level of professionalism as well as the recommendations from friends in the industry. Laz and his employees took personal consideration in helping us prepare the house for the removal process of 2,600 square feet of tile and carpeting, The quality of workmanship is second to none I do not hesitate to recommend Laz Tile and Marble to any friend who is looking for a professional job with minimal impact to the residents. I have not found any imperfections in the installation. The tile lines are straight and are perfectly laid flat. Laz has become a true friend because of his high level of professionalism and commitment to perfection. He is very detailed and takes extreme pride in his perfectionism. He truly has earned my respect and trust. My only regret was not doing it sooner. Quotes
Ed Terczak
Satisfied Customer